SME Marketing Trends for 2022

SME Marketing Trends for 2022

Marketing trends are ever-changing, and keeping up with them – especially when you’ve got a business to run – can be daunting. However, focusing on marketing your business using trending techniques should be a no-brainer for any business owner and using them to your advantage will keep your business growing.

Customer Reviews Are More Important Than Ever 

Potential new customers will often turn to your online reviews before committing to your products or services. By reaching out to your current customer base and requesting that they leave a detailed review about how they felt about the quality of the service provided, can be extremely beneficial. Not only does it come at no cost to you, but now more than ever – word of mouth is an extremely effective way of extending the reach of your business. 

Marketing Automation Through MarTech is Changing the Game  

From email marketing to social media posts, a great way to stay consistent and keep information flowing through to your audience is by scheduling your various pieces of content. Quantity and frequency of posting are proving to be of high importance in the social media world as of late, and by automating your content you’re able to plan ahead and produce large amounts of high quality, well-thought-out pieces of content. 

Quick Tip: Pay attention to your page insights and find the best times and days to post different content, this way you can schedule your posts with impact in mind. 

Social Media Marketing Remains Vital 

Social media is an ever-growing channel and there are constantly new platforms emerging for you to utilize. Each platform will require different types of content, and finding the platforms that work best for your business and customer base is essential when it comes to planning out your marketing calendar. According to an article written by LocalIQ, the top social media platforms of 2022 are: Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, TikTok, Reddit and NextDoor. Again, it’s important to decipher which platform will best suit your business’s marketing needs and objectives. 

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Although at times stressful, keeping up with marketing trends will allow for constant growth within your business. Do the research and move forward with the techniques and platforms that you feel will optimize your KPI’s – whether it be higher quality leads, improving the engagement with your brand or simply increasing your sales, your marketing plan is going to be the make or break of reaching these objectives. 

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