Is Your Small Business Ready for Easter?

Shop owners are ready for a busy Easter weekend

Easter is rapidly approaching, and whether your small business is expecting a surge in sales or if it’s closing down for the long weekend, you need to ensure that your small business is ready for the Easter weekend. We’ve put together some thoughts below as to how you can get your small business ready for Easter.


Gearing up your small business for a busy Easter weekend

With two public holidays straddling a weekend, Easter gives your customers four straight days of leisure time. If you’re running a small business that is expecting an uptick in sales during this time, there are several questions to ask yourself in order to ensure that you can make the most of this opportunity to get your your small business ready for Easter .


Do I have enough staff for the increased foot traffic over Easter weekend?

Particularly for stores and service- or hospitality-related businesses, larger crowds demand more staff to care for their needs. If your team can only cater to your usual numbers, you won’t be able to take advantage of the increased customers you may find teeming into your store or restaurant. Therefore, even though you’ll be increasing your wage payments, you’ll be rewarded with much higher profits for your small business over the Easter weekend.

Make sure you have extra staff on shift to adequately service all your customers’ needs by scheduling more hands on deck as early as possible – remember, your staff may want to take the long weekend off as well, so getting ahead of the game is crucial to ensuring a full complement of employees.


Do I have enough stock to cover higher customer numbers?

Similarly to ensuring that you have extra staff, you need extra stock as well to get your small business ready for Easter. If your customer wants to buy your product or service, you will naturally lose the sale, and disappointed customers are unlikely to return at a later date. 

Don’t forget that many businesses will be ordering back-up stock. If you’re operating in a popular industry, get your order in as soon as possible to make sure your suppliers don’t run out before they get to you.


Do I need to upgrade my storefront and/or equipment?

Making sure your business is aesthetically pleasing and 100% operational is a crucial step in planning for any busy period. This is a great time to update your displays, invest in better furniture, and replace worn-out equipment with new models that offer better quality and efficiency. 


Have I told my customers that my business will be open over Easter weekend?

With many businesses and stores closing down for the long weekend, it’s important to remind your customers that you’ll be open and ready for Easter trade. Share the news on social media and your Google My Business page, send an update to your mailing list, and put posters up in your physical store so people know they can visit you over the weekend. Make sure you share your trading hours in these communications, even if they are the same as usual – if customers are worried that they might arrive at a closed storefront, they may not risk the journey.

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Do I have the finances to cover the costs of preparing for a busy Easter weekend?

Pretty much all the advanced preparation you’ll make ahead of the Easter weekend is going to affect your budget. Stock isn’t cheap, staff will be paid on holiday rates, equipment and furniture is expensive, and marketing materials can chip away at your available funds. 

Easter weekend is a major money-making opportunity, and the set-up costs are highly likely to result in big returns. It would be a pity to miss this chance to boost your business, simply because you can’t afford to get the stock and/or staff you need to ensure that your customers leave your business happy and satisfied.

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Easter only comes around once a year – don’t miss this opportunity to boost your bottom line! Get in touch with us today for seriously fast funding and gear up for a successful Easter weekend.

Small business closed for Easter weekend

Preparing to shut down for the Easter weekend

If you’re closing your business down for the weekend, you may be looking forward to a few relaxing days off. But if you’re not adequately prepared to cover the extra days of non-productivity, financial stress might keep you from enjoying your time off.

The following questions will help you prepare to keep your business afloat during the downtime, putting your mind at ease and keeping your staff and customers happy.

How will I make up for the lost productivity time?

If the two public holidays will cause a backlog in your business, you need to plan ahead to avoid a build-up that affects your productivity for weeks or months to come. Rather than trying to scramble to get back on track on Tuesday, start getting ahead of the game in the weeks leading up to the Easter weekend. 

If the missing workdays will require your staff to put in some overtime, spread the extra hours over the weeks on either side of the long weekend, rather than overworking your team in the week that follows. Trying to get staff to put in a week of overtime will lead to a drop in productivity as well as morale, neither of which is conducive to a happy, functional work environment.

Do I have the finances to cover expenses while my business isn’t open?

Naturally, your business won’t be earning during the public holidays, and any overtime required will lead to a bigger wage bill at the end of the month. From rent to utilities, you may find yourself in need of some extra cash to cover all your expenses, and fast funding is an excellent option for any small business looking to stay afloat over the Easter weekend.

With a flexible approach that considers all aspects of your business and its specific needs, GroWise Capital can get you the funds you need within 24 hours and without a long and complicated application process. Chat to us today to find out how seriously fast funding can help you tackle the challenges that the Easter weekend may present for your business.

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