Boost your business after the holidays

How to Boost Your Business After The Holidays

Getting your business up and running successfully after the festive season can be a daunting task. January is notorious for being one of the tougher months in terms of cashflow and it’s not only felt by businesses, but their customers too. Here are a few quick tips to help you boost your business after the holidays!  

Budget, Budget, Budget

Taking some time to look back at your money and spending habits from the previous year will allow you to set objectives for the coming year. Making a year’s budget may not result in a significant rise in sales straight away. However, it is a necessary action that can assist you in optimizing your marketing efforts throughout the year.

Social Media Campaign

Whether it’s launching a new product, an initiative or a way of doing market research – starting the New Year off with a campaign is a great way to boost your cashflow and enhance your engagement after the holiday Season. 

Reach Out to Your OGs

While a constant, steady flow of new customers is vital for growth, special treatment for your long-term customers can go a long way. This could be in the form of a special offer, unique promo-code or a little something extra that you add to their next purchase! 

Seek Additional Business Funding

There are many ways to acquire funding for your small business such as: venture capital from investors, crowdfunding, bank loans or alternative funding options – such as business funding through GroWise Capital.

Do I qualify for funding from GroWise? 

You are a good candidate for quick funding solutions from GroWise if your business:

  • Is older 6 months.
  • Is registered with the CIPC
  • Has an average monthly turnover of R30K+
What funding solutions can we offer you?

Business Cash Advance 

Simply put, a cash advance is a purchase of your company’s future income based on all your income streams, with customizable terms and either pre-determined or variable repayment amounts, so you can easily plan how you’ll utilize your funds.

Merchant Cash Advance

A purchase of future income with flexible repayments deducted directly from your merchant account.

Merchant Stock Advance

At GroWise Capital we also have a Merchant Stock Advance as an alternative funding option. It’s easy! We buy your stock, and sell it to you. Easy and flexible repayments to fit in with your business!


There are countless reasons to seek out funding, and our goal at GroWise is simple, to get your business funded and growing… fast. 

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