What is alternative funding? 

Many small businesses in South Africa have been experiencing extended economic uncertainty that lasts indefinitely and finding available funds for your business is not always so simple. You may want to consider alternative funding as an option!

The amount of capital available to businesses is shifting, and the status of the economy might make getting a loan seem impossible. If you’re having trouble getting a bank loan or you’re unsure of your present options, you may be able to find alternatives to traditional loans. 

But what is alternative funding? Simply put, alternative funding is getting financing for your business outside of traditional bank loans to gain capital. Many of these alternative sources exist online, and you may consider pursuing this funding route if you’ve been turned down for loans in the past, have poor credit, or are unsure of how much funding you really need for your business. 

The considerable impact the COVID-19 has had on incoming cash-flow is one of the key reasons it has proven to be so damaging to the sustainability of many small businesses. Because of the virus’s unpredictable nature, it’s unlikely that businesses will have been able to fully prepare for the long-term loss of income. This is where alternative funding is ideal for many small businesses in South Africa. 

Business Cash Advance 

Simply put, a cash advance is a purchase of your company’s future income based on all your income streams, with customizable terms and either pre-determined or variable repayment amounts, so you can easily plan how you’ll utilize your funds.

Merchant Cash Advance

A purchase of future income with flexible repayments deducted directly from your merchant account.

Merchant Stock Advance

At GroWise Capital we also have a Merchant Stock Advance as an alternative funding option. It’s easy! We buy your stock, and sell it to you. Easy and flexible repayments to fit in with your business!

There are countless reasons to seek business funding, and our goal at GroWise is simple, to get your business funded and growing… fast. 

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