Why WhatsApp Business Is Useful for Small Business Owners

Whatsapp Business

We’re all aware of the standard social media platforms used for marketing and creating brand awareness such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, however, there is one platform that often gets overlooked yet it is one of the most useful platforms, especially for small business owners, when it comes to engaging with and understanding your customers on a broader scale in a cost effective way. WhatsApp Business is that platform and below we discuss how and why it’s become one of the most useful tools for business owners: 

Data, Data, Data!

WhatsApp is predominantly used for communication, more communication? More data. WhatsApp Business has a feature called “messaging statistics”, which shows how many messages were delivered, sent and read. This data allows you to analyze the frequency and types of responses from your customers, test different communication strategies with them and ultimately enables you to adjust the content accordingly once you’ve gained a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t work for your market.

Customized Messaging

Remaining client-ready is vital nowadays. With the unique automatic reply feature available on WhatsApp Business, whether it’s a welcome message to your new customers, creating an ‘Out Of Office’ message for use during off-hours, answer frequently asked questions or send out updates about your business, services or products, you’re able to keep up frequent communication and in turn build a loyal community whereby your clients never feel as though they are left in the dark. 


From a cost and intricacy standpoint, WhatsApp Business is a huge advantage for young and growing businesses. Where most businesses may try to build up their mobile presence by developing an app, which in itself is a costly endeavor, WhatsApp Business allows you to list your business, communicate with your clients and market to your target audience at no cost.

WhatsApp Web Access

WhatsApp is naturally associated with mobile use, however, WhatsApp Business is supported by WhatsApp Web, which allows you to operate the service from your computer without having to use the mobile app. This naturally improves the efficiency in which you communicate with your customers, suppliers, contractors and partners!

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Media platforms are continuously proving to be one of the greatest ways to grow your market, and the Facebook owned communication giant is seemingly one of the most underrated ways to connect with your clients on a deeper level, create brand awareness and push your sales through constant and open communication, in an efficient, cost effective way.

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