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Ways to improve your chance of securing funding for your business

Have you applied for business funding and not qualified? This is common according to alternate business funder GroWise Capital which says that almost 10% of prospective clients don’t meet basic criteria.

Small businesses face intense challenges trying to access funding but can dramatically increase their chances of getting the vital funding they need.

Jonti Strimling, co-founder and chief risk officer of GroWise Capital unpacks ways to improve your chances of business funding success.

Identify the right funder for your business

There are grants, bank loans, angel investors, venture capital firms, crowdfunding platforms and alternate business funders. Consider the funding source most suitable for your industry, business model and growth stage.

Alternative funders such as GoWise Capital do not require comprehensive business plans, financial statements or demonstrable market traction, but some fundamentals must be in place to access funding.

Is your business registered?

Many alternative business funders and banks require that a business is registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) for at least a six months before considering a funding application. This is a simple and inexpensive process that is often overlooked.

Do you have a business bank account?

Many small businesses start with entrepreneurs using their personal bank accounts, but most funders need at least six months of banking history in a business account to consider a funding application. You will be required to first register your business before opening up a business account.

GroWise makes it easy to securely share your business’s transactional data via its secure portal without compiling historic documents to apply.

Can you demonstrate healthy use of your bank account?

Funders will often look at how you use your account over time to gauge if your business is a strong candidate for funding.

Demonstrating the healthy use of a bank account includes paying your business expenses on time with turnover generated; having debit orders go through without being returned; not allowing your bank account balance to run into arrears; and ensuring that your business account is not over-indebted.

Have you built a strong credit profile?

There are three easy steps to building a strong credit profile:

  • Pay your bills on time
  • Do not allow your accounts to run into arrear balances
  • Show healthy use of any revolving credit facilities

Credit scores are important, but alternative funders such as GroWise Capital also use non-traditional metrics to assess the risk of your business and its ability to service debt.

“GroWise Capital is seeing a sharp rise in the average credit score quality across application data, which indicates that more already mature businesses are looking to use alternate funding sources to augment their cash flow and working capital,” says Strimling.

Are you transparent and prepared?

Potential funders want you to be direct about your business’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential risks. They evaluate whether you have thoroughly assessed your market, competition and challenges, and have planned for potential obstacles.

Securing working capital quickly when a business needs it most, is essential to success, so prepare well for the speediest response.

“Securing funding is a crucial step in a business’s growth but it can be daunting to apply and meet all the requirements, and in many instances, a company doesn’t meet all the requirements. This was the impetus to starting the GroWise’ Growth Acceleration Program (GAP) which is designed around these types of clients who aren’t necessarily startups but still need that first piece of help, guidance and most importantly, funding to help them start their funding journey,” he adds.

Benefits of alternative business funding

  • Speed – alternative funders like GroWise Capital can provide funding in less than 24 hours.
  • Flexibility – instead of a rigid repayment structure, you can change both the terms of your loan and your repayment schedule.
  • Relaxed eligibility criteria – alternative funding partners consider more than just your credit score and are more likely to extend a line of credit. They also don’t generally require collateral.
  • Retain ownership – if you opt for a straight cash advance, merchant cash advance, merchant stock advance, or one of many other alternative funding options, you won’t need to give up any equity in your business to get the funds you need.

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