Load Shedding: How Alternative Funding Can Save Your Business

alternative funding load shedding

Every business owner in South Africa knows how load shedding can gravely impact the success of their business. With things like gas stoves or appliances, candles and the ever-popular braai or outdoor fire, load shedding can be easily managed in a domestic setting. However, for small businesses who don’t have access to alternative power sources, load shedding places extreme pressure on the business. Having access to fast alternative business funding can ease the pressure and ensure businesses remain fully functional, growing and meeting their desired targets.


How load shedding affects small businesses: 

Production disruption: Since most businesses depend on electricity for lighting, machine usage and day-to-day functionality in general, a loss of electricity prevents them from reaching their daily targets which in turn can have a trickle-effect on their entire business structure.

Profit loss: With the loss of output due to power outages comes a profit loss, and in certain situations, a significant loss that could leave the business with long-term problems. And with profit loss, things like letting employees go or reducing your production output becomes a very scary reality.

An increase of burglary and theft: Burglar alarms and CCTV cameras cannot function during a power outage unless they have a backup power source, so when load shedding hits, a lot of small businesses are choosing to close their doors during that time as there has been an increase in theft. 

Damage to electronics and machinery: Whenever the power is restored, a surge of energy disturbs the electrical system’s constant voltage flow, which can cause severe damage to your electronics and in turn bring your product production and work-flow to a standstill.

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How alternative fast funding can help your business during load shedding

Generators and inverters can cost upwards of R20,000.00, and for many small businesses that cost may fall well out of their budget and lead to unnecessary financial pressure. However if the business hits a standstill due to load shedding, the loss of profit during that time becomes equally as detrimental to the growing business. Alternative business funders, like GroWise Capital, provide fast funding solutions for small businesses that could be used towards acquiring alternative power sources for the business.

So whether it’s to keep your production lines in action, battery-powered lights, switching over to gas or solar, ensuring that your staff are protected or purchasing that generator to keep the lights on – fast funding is sure to protect your business and keep the spark alive during all stages of load shedding.

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How To Qualify for Same-Day Business Funding

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