Green growth: How small businesses can thrive through sustainability initiatives

I’m sure we all know by now just how important sustainability is. Honestly, we’ve all heard the line about leaving a better future for our children one too many times. So, yes, we know we need to save the planet. However, you might not know that incorporating sustainable business practices won’t just save the polar bears; it can also open up a host of opportunities for your business.

Here’s what incorporating sustainability can do for your business:

Increase your market share through sustainability

Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, and by incorporating sustainable practices, you could possibly steal some customers from your competitors!

These days, if consumers are faced with choosing between two different businesses, and one is run entirely on green energy, while the other uses the national grid, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll go with the more environmentally friendly business.

Get on the government’s good side by becoming more sustainable

Consumers aren’t the only ones worried about the ice caps and polar bears. Governments worldwide are imposing stricter regulations on sustainability. And, while it will probably be a good while before the more substantial regulations make their way to South Africa, it’s never a bad idea to get a head start.

However, right now, you can benefit from the tax incentives and grants that the South African government offers by going green.

Sustainability can help attract investment

Sustainable businesses have better access to capital, as many investors are on the hunt for sustainable projects to fund. This means that by simply doing things like moving to renewable energy and going paperless, your business will receive more favourable loan terms and investment opportunities.

Improve your brand image and customer loyalty through sustainability

Businesses that are known for their sustainable and ethical practices are far more likely to enjoy a stronger brand reputation. This one is a no-brainer, really; every consumer on the

planet would much rather support a company that operates sustainably and ethically over one that pumps chemicals into the sea.

Cut business costs by going green

Making your business more sustainable will definitely require some investment on your part at first, but your business will start reaping cost-saving benefits before long.

Switching to solar energy can help you save on your electricity bills. Going paperless will save you from buying (and having to carry) all those reams of paper. And, in some cases, sustainable packaging can also help your business cut costs.

But how is my business going to afford to make all these sustainability changes?

If you don’t have the funds you need to make your business more sustainable, then you don’t need to fret. Here at GroWise Capital, we specialise in providing businesses with the funds they need to grow, expand and improve.

We can give your business all the funds you need to get those expensive solar panels installed – and quickly, too. We can transfer the funds your business needs into your account in 24 hours, and sometimes even as fast as 45 minutes. So get in touch with us today, or apply online to see if your business qualifies for funding.

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