How to incorporate sustainable practices into your small business and why it matters.

Everyone is going green these days, and not only because they’re trying to save polar bears and stop the ice caps from melting. We’re sure you know by now that the less energy your small business uses, the more money you will save.

However, you might be less aware of the positive impact going green could have on your business. These days, consumers are becoming more and more conscious of the ethical and sustainable practices of the businesses they support. Now more than ever, shoppers are far more likely to support an openly eco-friendly business. They want to feel like they are doing their part to save the planet with every purchase they make.

With that in mind, transforming your small business into an eco-friendly operation has a triple-pronged impact. Greenifying your business can lead to increased savings, better market position and the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing you’re protecting our natural environment. 

So, what sustainable business practices can you incorporate to reel new customers in? Let’s find out together.

The best sustainable practices to incorporate into your small business.


If you want potential customers to know that you’re all about sustainability, recycling is one of the easiest places to start. It isn’t all that difficult to set up a recycling programme for your small business, and it can pay huge dividends when you can tell your customers that you recycle.

All you really need to do is set up bins for paper, plastic and glass. Next, find a company to take it to a recycling centre, and you’re A for away!

Go paperless

In this new digital age, it’s so easy to go paperless that we wonder why most businesses haven’t gone this route. Your small business probably already stores all its important files digitally. But the next step in going green is to do away with paper receipts – if you haven’t already.

With a plethora of software tools out there, setting up digital receipts and invoicing couldn’t be easier. Your customers will also appreciate not having to keep track of yet another piece of paper.

Solar power

Loadshedding is a horrible beast that affects every single South African in at least some way. Thankfully, your small business can harness the power of the sun, and not only fend off loadshedding, but also become far more sustainable.

Yes, we know that going solar is expensive, but the pros far outweigh the cons. Consumers will almost always opt to support a business powered by green energy if they have a choice. You also don’t need to shell out big bucks to get a solar power system that powers your entire business at all times.Start small by getting a solar system that powers your small business’ lights or one that will just power your business when loadshedding strikes. The government will even lend a helping hand, and offer you some tax benefits if you go solar, so what are you waiting for?

Okay, but how will my small business afford these sustainable initiatives?

We know that adopting these sustainable practices isn’t always cheap, but your small business doesn’t need to outlay these funds by itself.

At GroWise Capital, we specialise in providing small businesses with the funds they need to grow and become sustainable. We can even get your business the funds you need in less than 24 hours, and sometimes in as little as 45 minutes.If you’re not sure which route to go to get the best ROI, we’re ready to help. Get in touch with us today to chat about your options, or apply online now to give your small business the cash injection it needs to become more sustainable.

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