Choose an SMME funding partner before funds become a problem

Find the right funding partner to get business funding before it becomes a problem

As a small business owner, you are no doubt in a constant state of worry about your business finances. When you’re just starting out, the smallest fluctuations in your monthly income can have a serious impact. Without a source of external funding, this can limit your ability to pay staff, overheads and even yourself. It might be time for you to look for the right funding partner.

Even if your small business is in a good place, you never know when the winds of change will start a-blowin’. It’s a smart idea to get funding for your small business before you run into financial difficulties. 



What could happen to my small business if I don’t find a funding partner?


Every business has its running costs. From office rental and staff salaries to material costs, insurance and more, it costs money to keep your business going. Even little things like tea and coffee for your staff can start to add up.

It goes without saying that, without being able to pay these expenses, your small business will suffer. How, you ask? Not to be all doom and gloom, but we’re going to paint you a bit of a worst-case scenario.


Without a funding partner, you could lose your small business’s office or retail space

You need a place to work, don’t you? Even if your company could operate fully remotely, there are big upsides to having all your staff in one place. A physical office lets you ensure that your staff are being productive, while creating space for brainstorming and collaboration. Your staff also may not want to work from home. Whether they don’t have a nice space for a home office or if their neighbourhood is noisy, staff can get a bit grouchy if you don’t give them a place to work.

If your small business is in the retail or hospitality industries, losing your premises would cost you your entire business. Sounds like a worst-case scenario to us…


Your small business may end up owing even more money

Many institutions, such as banks, service providers and even some offices and retail spaces, will charge interest for missed payments. This means that you can’t simply wait until you have enough money to pay everything off at once. You’ll end up overpaying for your services at a time when you’re cash-strapped to begin with. Without finding a funding partner, this can lead to a cycle of debt that can be hard to escape.


Your staff will start to get resentful

Don’t think you can save by removing the little things that make office life a bit brighter. Free tea and coffee for staff isn’t even a perk anymore. Staff expect these kinds of things to be provided by you. Without them, you’ll risk creating an unhappy atmosphere that will cost you in productivity and staff turnover.

You may also be forced to increase workloads without hiring another employee, or raising salaries. This can also lead to resentment, which in turn reduces productivity. Some of your best employees may even flee what they perceive as a sinking ship. Finding a fast and reliable funding partner is an excellent way to keep things together until your business bounces back.

Get funding before it becomes a problem

My small business is doing okay – why do I need to find a funding partner now?


Expect the unexpected

As we mentioned before, you simply never know when your small business’s situation will change. Think back to the first few months of the pandemic. Who could have expected that their business would be shut down or restricted without warning? How many businesses folded because it was impossible to survive the shutting of their doors until things calmed down again? With a bit of extra funding, many of these businesses could have weathered the storm and made a comeback.

By identifying a funding partner now, you can give yourself some much-needed peace of mind. As soon as you start to see your small business slipping into the red, you can quickly get the funds you need to stay afloat.


Grow your small business with a funding partner while the going’s good

You know what they say – when the going’s good, the good get going. If your small business is booming, now’s the perfect time to expand your audience, capture new markets and boost your bottom line.
But, like seemingly everything these days, expanding your business costs money.
You’ll need to purchase more materials, hire new staff members and potentially find bigger office space. You also need to consider costs are unique to your small business. For some small businesses the profit boost is instant, for others it may take a bit of time until they see the results of their expansion efforts, so finding a funding partner is crucial. Getting some extra funding will help tide you over until you realise your increased profit margins
What should I look for in a funding partner for my small business?
Because you’re preparing for the unexpected, you need a fast, responsive funding partner. There’s no point in trying to navigate through tedium and red tape when you need cash now.

If you’ve looked at the URL above, you might see where this is going. 

At GroWise Capital, our model is designed around lightening-fast turnaround times and a no-nonsense approach. You need funding for your small business. We have funds and we want you to have them. There’s no need to make a big song and dance about it.

Our goal is simple. We get you the funds your small business needs to stay afloat or to fuel growth and expansion fast. Seriously fast. In fact, you could be paying your bills with your newly-acquired funds within 24 hours – sometimes as quickly as 45 minutes. 

Whether you need a safety net in case of emergencies, or if you want to take your small business to new heights of success, we have the answer for you. Check out our funding solutions, get in touch, and apply now, and make GroWise Capital your fast funding partner today.

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