3 Tips to Help Your Business Prepare for Black Friday:

Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are around the corner, and there are multiple ways to prepare your business and fully reap the benefits in easy and effective ways. Below we’ve noted 3 tips to help your business prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Get Ahead Of The Game

Start your sales and deals early. Research shows that customers start looking for specials associated with Black Friday as early as the beginning of November, some businesses have even coined the term “Black November” in order to highlight the association to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

These early-bird customers could be considered as low-hanging fruit due to the fact that they aren’t necessarily looking for “the best” deal, which so many customers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday would be, but rather any sale or deal on their favourite products, often out of fear of missing out on certain items when the Black Friday frenzy begins.

There is the argument that many small businesses may not be able to afford to run specials throughout the entire month leading up to Black Friday, however, things like having a discount code for first-time online purchases or the first few customers through the door on certain days, could not only bring traffic to your site and customers into your store, but spur on word-of-mouth marketing through excited customers too, without putting your new or small business in a financially difficult position while trying to keep up with your larger, more established competitors.


Clean Up Where Needed

There is very little that is more frustrating than a website that isn’t fully functional. Taking time before you go live with your Black Friday campaign to inspect the speed and functionality of your website is essential to ensuring a happy and hassle-free experience for your online consumers.

Research shows that around half of internet users will leave a site or cancel a purchase if the website is slow to load. Things to consider when auditing your website in preparation for for Black Friday:

Website Layout: The eyes buy first. If your website isn’t visually appealing to your customers, they are likely to leave without going through with the purchase.

Lack of Product Information: It’s no secret that online shopping comes with its fair share of skepticism. Having sufficient information about your products allows your consumers to more accurately make purchasing decisions and in turn, will minimize things like complaints, returns and once-off customers. 

Complex Site Navigation: Often, online stores are unnecessarily difficult to navigate and can result in losing customers and sales. Make your products easy to find by means of the right categorization, tagging your products correctly, and sticking to simple yet effective menus. If a customer needs to resort to typing in a product description manually, you’ve likely made the mistake of over-complicating your site navigation. 


Cross-Selling Is Your Friend

You obviously want your customers to leave your site having purchased what they came looking for, however, having them purchase A. What they needed and B. Something they didn’t initially come for, by means of a bundle-purchase is called “cross-selling”, and is an effective way to increase your sales margins, as well as push the products that are either not reaching their selling targets or the last of old stock that you may want to get rid of. Here are some tips to remember when cross-selling your products:

The products should make sense together: Whatever products you’ve bundled together should be things that naturally go together or are associated with one another. Such as: if you’re selling a set of pyjamas, selling a pair of slippers with them as part of the bundle would make more sense than selling a gym wear set. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and think of things that you would buy together.

Keep it simple: Keep it to 2-3 items or services per bundle. This way your consumers won’t feel overwhelmed or feel like they are spending aimlessly. You want them to feel the benefit of purchasing those items or services together rather than them catching on to your cross-selling tactics and keeping things simple is the best way to do so.

Be vocal about the benefits: It’s all very well selling a bundle of products to a customer instead of a singular item, however, your consumers are going to look for reasoning behind spending more money on items they didn’t really want in the first place. Ease their concern by being vocal about the benefits of buying these products or services together.

Whether you’re starting your deals early, ensuring exceptional website experience or increasing your sales with bundle-deals, being well-prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is naturally going to put you at an advantage and help ensure you meet your sales targets effectively. 

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